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A Sacrifice in the Smoke by Jessi Elliott
A Sacrifice in the Smoke by Jessi Elliott torrent

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A rising uprising. A sad loss. Destructive betrayal.

Charlie Travesty barely caught his breath. Fish in a Tree by Lynda Ever since he left the house, he has been overcome by danger and drama. He got to know himself and developed in ways he never expected. He falls in love with a good man and a bad man.

However, working with Noah Forrest is necessary to reveal the truth about the poisoning in government families. However, the more they worked together, the harder it became for Charlie to keep his thoughts from traveling to the kiss they shared moments before the world.

He should know better now, thinking about the pain and the change behind it. That his condition couldn’t get worse. But this is the New and Charlies story that is just getting started.

For fans of the Sarah J. Maass Crescent City series and Charlaine Harriss Sookie Stackhouse, A Sacrifice in the Smoke is the fourth volume in the Charlie Travesty series..

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